There Is That Distinct Feeling In The Air

Early this  morning, I stepped outside to give the dogs their morning snack.  I felt a familiar chill in the air.  Fall is approaching.

Earlier in the week, I had went to wal-mart shopping.  The school supplies were out, and those aisles were filled with people buying supplies.  Another school year was approaching, and people were getting prepared.

I don’t watch the news much these days, for a wide variety of reasons.  But today,  I happened to be channel surfing during news time.  School in my area started on Thursday.

Another turning of the wheel has come and gone without me paying all that much attention.  All my kids (one) are no longer in school, so I don’t need to be thinking about school supplies, clothes, registration, open houses, and all that other stuff that goes with rolling in the  new school year.

One thing I heard on the  news was the added security at a school that had had a shooting last year.  One sign of the difficult times we all live in.

So, as everybody prepares and heads off to walk through another school year, stay safe, stay open to learning new things, and keep your head high.  We need more positive affirming people walking our streets now more than ever.

Friday Fictioneers: Damn Good Cook


Ruth liked to tell people she was a damn good cook.  She even put together a book of her most favored recipes, selling each book for a few bucks.  Ruth didn’t mind that the dishes never tasted the same when made by other hands.  Some very talented cooks bought her book, and she did enjoy the tastes the different talents produced.

But, Ruth had a secret to her good cooking.  She used her own herbs, infused with magic only a good kitchen witch can weave.  But as far as everybody knew, her home grown herbs was her quirk for quality cooking.

(101 Words)

Photo Credit: PHOTO PROMPT © Ronda Del Boccio

Friday Fictioneers

Friday Fictioneers: Hidden Treasure

friday fictioneer

Conrad stood in the old corral staring at the pile of debris, trying to remember where he had hid the bag of gold coins.  He remembered stacking the wood pallets neatly, exactly as his father wanted.  His father was a stickler for neatness and perfection.  Too bad, dad didn’t feel the same about the money he worked so hard to earn, and drink away. Maybe this corral would have always had livestock.  But now that dad had finally drank himself to an early grave, Conrad can go buy that milk cow and goat mom had been wanting. Conrad knew there had been a good reason he stole one gold coin each time dad was paid.

Photo Credit: PHOTO PROMPT © Sandra Crook

Friday Fictioneers

Dare To Dream

Kids aren’t afraid to dream bold and big.  They are fearless when it comes to things like that, because they haven’t learned about limitations and expectations haven’t been placed on them.

When I was a kid, I wanted to be a nurse, then a veterinarian, then a writer. I even wrote a few stories. Never finished any of them.  Back then there wasn’t the technology and open doors that are available to me now, otherwise I would have finished and published those poorly written stories. Looking back, it is probably a good thing none of those horribly written stories ever made it out there to the real world.

Whatever happened to the dreamer inside of me?  I got caught up in the current of life.  I grew up, graduated highschool, got a job, tried going to college for a couple, and even joined the army.

Years later, when I was married and a stay at home mom, that dream of being a writer was awakened inside me again. This time the dream wouldn’t die.  If fear hadn’t held me captive, perhaps I would have been published sooner, but that is a subject to be discussed another day.  Today I am talking about dreams.

What is your dream?  Do you dream of traveling around the world?  Or, like me, do you dream of publishing a book.  I traveled the world when I was in the army.  Dream fulfilled, for me.  I am on wattpad, so I can say I am now a published author.  Granted, I’m not earning any money. Granted, the book isn’t a finished product. Granted, nobody but me is reading the book.  But still, I can say I am published.

I also have a blog.  It isn’t much to look at right now.  I have just the basics.  But people are visiting, reading my words, reacting to what I have to say.  I even write stories.  Seems there are other like-minded people out there, and that is encouraging.  Very encouraging. Encouraging enough, in fact, for me to keep writing, one post at a time.

Dreams are fulfilled one step at a time, one process at a time.  But to fulfill that dream, you have to get up and start doing something in order for that dream to be fulfilled.  And yes, you will find others out there who have the same dream as you.  And it is exciting to know that you have someone right there looking at the same dream as you, fulfilling that dream in their own way.

Dare to dream, no matter how old you are.

Aging Gracefully….Not

In the past, the arrival of August has left me feeling more excited than usual.  Why?  August is my birthday  month.  August reveals to me another full turn of the wheel called life.

The last time I went to get my hair cut, I looked down on the floor at the clippings that had come off my head.  I was amazed at how gray my hair was.  I had not noticed that before.  I  mean, I get up each morning, look at myself in the mirror as I brush my teeth and do all the other stuff that is part of my morning routine, and I sure don’t recall noticing how gray my hair has gotten.

I probably have a few more wrinkles that I haven’t noticed yet, but I won’t talk about that, right now.  Tomorrow or the next day isn’t looking good for any discussion on that topic either.

I used to tell people that I am aging gracefully.  I sure can’t remember the last time I have told anybody that.

I turn 60 August 19.

I don’t think I am aging as gracefully as I thought.  Right now, growing old sucks.

Twittering Tales #95: No Play Today

Write a tale in 280 characters or less.  How fun is that?

tuesday story

“Is it going to stop raining soon?  I want to go out and play.” I asked, holding my ball.

“Soon, darling.  Just be patient.”  Mom said, not looking up from her book.

I looked back out the window.  Rain poured from the sky by the bucket full.

(241 Characters)

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Twittering Tales

The Waiting Is Over


Daddy had went out to sea one day and was never seen again. Mom was certain he would return one day, but truth be told he wouldn’t be returning.  But, every Saturday we brought mom from the nursing home to the pier.

Mom still hoped for his return, even though it has been forty years since he was lost. “Look.”  Mom said, pointing out to the horizon.  “He’s returning just as I always knew he would.”

How was I to know that three days later, I’d be helping plan her funeral.

Written for Friday Fictioneers:

PHOTO PROMPT © Ted Strutz 😀 (Thanks, Ted)